DramaSmarts was founded in 2003 by educator, writer, actress and professional speaker, Terré Holmes. Terré desired to create a program that allowed children to be expressive through the arts, while focusing on 21st century learning skills and teaching children to communicate, collaborate, create and think critically.

As a child Terré always knew that she wanted to be two things; an actress and a teacher and after studying theatre at Bowling Green State University in 1992, she was introduced to theatre arts and education and she's been hooked ever since! Ms. Holmes says, "DramaSmarts is about much more than drama. It's about teaching young people to be better people from the inside out, using drama to make it happen.

Ms. Holmes received her BA in theatre and English from Bowling Green State University in 1996 and her teaching certification from Northwestern University. She has taught in Ohio, throughout the five boroughs of New York City, Chicago and in Abu Dhabi, located in the Middle East. Terré is also a member of the National Speakers Association, a former professor at Columbia College Chicago and collectively, she has been teaching, training and coaching young people and adults for nearly 20 years.
DramaSmarts helps children put the pieces together, by integrating their love for the arts with the essentials of reading, writing and speaking skills.