WorkShops for Educators

We have a beautiful studio space located in Westlake, OH where we invite teachers to bring their students for fieldtrips.  There, they will learn all about Reader’s Theater and have the opportunity to create a Reader’s Theater performance piece based on a topic or subject that they’re currently studying in their classroom.


Limited to 30 students (Call for pricing)


DramaSmarts not only offers field trips to our location and afterschool programming at your schools, but we also offer in-school workshops and professional development training for educators to help them integrate the arts into the classroom and to help school staff address issues around using the arts to teach special education and ELL students.  As well, we show teachers how they can use the arts to build a stronger and more supportive culture in their classroom through the arts.

Choose from a list of workshops below. Or, let us help you design a workshop to meet your staff's needs.

  • Improve Classroom Management Skills Using Drama in the Classroom
  • Integrate Drama to Increase Interest in Your Curriculum
  • Use Drama to Teach “Hard to Reach” Students
  • Let Drama Help You Build and Establish a Healthy Classroom Community
  • Build Your Students Character and Confidence Through Drama


Please give us a call at 1 (800) 342-3174 if you'd like DramaSmarts to custom design a workshop for your classroom or school staff of if you’d like to bring your students to our space for a field trip.

DramaSmarts helps children put the pieces together, by integrating their love for the arts with the essentials of reading, writing and speaking skills.