About DramaSmarts

DramaSmarts was started in 2003 by teaching artist and educator, Terré Holmes.  Terré wanted to create a program that used drama to teach children how to be team players, better decision makers, and more confident communicators.  She also wanted to provide it during the after school hours, a time when many children fall victim to the many trappings of peer pressure due to a lack of adult supervision at home.

Having taught in New York City, Chicago, IL, Cleveland, OH and in Abu Dhabi, located in the Middle East, Ms. Holmes is committed to the education, as well as the creative exploration of young people.  She wishes that every child in every part of the world could enjoy an experience like DramaSmarts at least once in their lifetime.


Students learn the value of teamwork through their participation with their DramaSmarts community members.

Students learn social-awareness and social-skills, which help to increase their emotional intelligence.

Students engage in 21st Century Learning Skills:

> Communication
> Collaboration
> Creativity
> Critical Thinking


> Empathy
> Caring
> Mutual Respect
> Self-Respect
> Sharing
> Attitude
> Acceptance
> Conflict Resolution
> Problem Solving


> Teaching Artists evaluations
> Pre and post tests for students
> National ELA Standards
> Research Studies

DramaSmarts helps children put the pieces together, by integrating their love for the arts with the essentials of reading, writing and speaking skills.